Help Rebuild A Generation

Since the Syrian conflict erupted in 2011, Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) has been heavily involved in providing relief to displaced Syrians inside and refugees outside of the country. ZF has contributed more than $10 million in humanitarian aid to Syria to date.

According to a UNICEF report published in 2014, two million Syrian children have been out of school since the civil war began. As the situation intensifies and with no end in sight, interventions have become crucial to make education accessible for this lost generation of Syria. ZF began sponsoring schools that serve thousands of Syrian children in 2014 and is committed to bringing back a sense of stability and safety into these children’s lives through education.

What You Can Do To Help

Your generous donation can alleviate some of the challenges and hardships that the people of Gaza face daily. Please help ZF provide urgent assistance.

$75 will send one student to school for a year
$150 will send two students to school for a year
$300 will send four students to school for a year

Give A Syrian Student the Opportunity of College

The ultimate goal is to empower the next generation of Syrian youth to rebuild their country by providing them with an education. One of the major projects ZF embarked upon this past year was opening Zahra University, a higher learning institution focused on displaced Syrian students in Gaziantep. The institution will feature qualified faculty staff, renovated library, a cafeteria, and over 36 classrooms.

One of the distinguishing factors of Zahra University is that courses will be taught in Arabic, whereas in the past many Syrian students have struggled integrating into the Turkish higher education system because of language barriers. The university offers courses in computer science, education, management, humanities, and social sciences. Already, 120 students have signed up with more enrolling each day. ZF representatives in Gaziantep believe the university will easily reach its maximum capacity of 400; however, not every student has the funds to continue his or her education.

What You Can Do To Help

Your generous donation will make the most impact on the Syrian youth:

$150 will send one student to university for a semester
$300 will send one student to university for a year
$600 will send one student to university for two years

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