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Zakat Foundation’s Demir and Rep. Ilhan Omar Deliver Fresh Food to Minneapolis

Minneapolis (June 3, 2020) — Eight days into Minneapolis protests against police killing George Floyd and perpetual U.S. persecution of African Americans — and harsh curfew clampdowns — Zakat Foundation of America Executive Director Halil Demir hauled about 14 tons of fresh produce and milk for six hours to reach the city’s hardest hit neighborhoods, coming from Chicago for free distribution to Minneapolis’ people in most pain.

Demir and U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D) personally put hundreds of boxes — each filled with 25 pounds of colorful fruits and vegetables — into the hands of hard-hit families at four distribution sites.

“Faith is action, not only what you believe in,” Demir said. “We are hoping we can contribute a little bit — a little bit to heal our nation and bring love.”

Zakat Foundation delivered up to 1,000 boxes of farm-fresh produce into the community where police killed Floyd.

“We are very grateful for you hearing our call for support,” said Congresswoman Omar, “and you all deciding to show up and bring here to north Minneapolis really needed support in regards to your bringing food.”

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A Memorial Water Well for Our Three Winners

Tucked away between huts in Shihome, Kenya, a tribute wall surrounding the water well was hand-painted with the words: “Our Three Winners Deah, Yusor, & Razan.” In a home far from their own, where people spoke a language different than their own, their story was heard.

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Orphans & Vulnerable Children

Your orphan sponsorship delivers food, education, and healthcare; but it delivers love, too. At 153 million worldwide, the staggering rise of orphans now equals nearly half the population of the United States.

For less than $2 a day or $50 a month, you can make a difference in the life of a vulnerable child. Your one-time payment of $600 covers a year of aid to a child in need.

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Stories from the Zakat Foundation

9 Myths About Muslim Charities

Fear and mistrust surround Muslim charities in American society. This is neither natural nor an accident.

In this book are stories from Zakat Foundation of America’s founding director unraveling blatant myths and fallacies about Islam – and charity – from its defining sources, showing us what’s at stake if we continue to let partisans with self-serving agendas trick us into acting on these fears.

A critical read for all who work in, donate to, or concern themselves with the giving world.

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