Help Zakat Foundation of America Reach 100 Prayers for the Oppressed

For victims of violence in Aleppo, South Sudan, South Side Chicago, and everywhere, Zakat Foundation of America has launched the 100 Prayers for the Oppressed campaign. We are urging individuals and communities around the world to collectively call upon the All Merciful by reciting a centuries-old powerful plea written by Imam Muhammad ibn Nasir Al-Dari’ to end cycles of violence. A prayer so powerful that tyrants had banned its recitation. A prayer that our ailing world needs today!

Step 1 Download the full prayer here.

Step 2 Recite the Prayer. We encourage individual recitations, as well as school and community group recitations.

Step 3 Let us know at [email protected] so we can count your prayer toward this global effort!

Your email can simply say, “I prayed for the Oppressed!” You can also include a personal comment or photo of your Prayer event (Optional), and we will post it on Facebook to encourage others.

*Shaikh Hamza Yusuf’s book, Prayer of the Oppressed, is available for purchase from Zakat Foundation of America. All proceeds go toward Zakat Foundation of America programs for refugee relief and empowerment. The book includes deep insights on oppression by Sh. Hamza Yusuf; the entire prayer in Arabic, English translation and transliteration; and a CD recording of the poem/prayer by the famous Fez Singers. Each book costs $25 and may be requested by email at [email protected]