Matching Gifts Double Your Reward!

Would you like to double your contribution to support orphans, help displaced families, and provide emergency relief around the world? The key is the matching gift program.

You can find out if your employer matches your charitable donations by searching for your company using the convenient search tool below, or by contacting your employer's human resources office.

Millions of individuals work for companies that match donations from employees. Matching gifts are a type of charitable giving program where companies match employee donations to eligible nonprofit organizations.

Companies vary in the types of matching gifts they offer, but the most common is a 1:1 giving ratio, meaning that if you donate $500 to a nonprofit organization, then your employer will match that gift of $500, resulting in a $1,000 total donation. Your donation and your reward are doubled.

Matching gift programs are offered by companies across the world. In fact, about 65 percent of Fortune 500 companies (and many others) match employee donations. Find out if your employer offers matching gifts today.