Other Ways to Donate

Zakat Foundation of America

Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) recognizes that every donor supports our programs in their own way. Therefore, we provide a variety of ways to donate so you can choose the one that is most appropriate to you:

By the grace of God, then generous support of our donors and volunteers, ZF has been able to provide consistent relief and sustainable development programs to those in most need. We are committed to showing the inclusive beauty of Islam through programs and activities that reach the destitute without discrimination of faith, race, gender, national origin, age, creed, or disability, both at home and abroad. We do that while observing the specific Quranic guidelines for Zakat distribution.

We also are in need of people who believe in our cause and want to be a part of making change by getting involved.

Our donors are of great value to us and we wish to give them every confidence that their donation will go towards the cause of their choice. We have adopted a Donor Bill of Rights with your privacy in mind.

Donors should be assured of our fiscal responsibility as we take pride in careful management and distribution of funds raised. To that end we seek to be transparent in our operations by making our financial and legal documents publicly available. ZF is a partner you can trust.

ZF is recognized and registered under 501(c)(3) as a non-profit charity organization. All donations to ZF are US tax exempt; we are registered in Illinois as Zakat Foundation of America and our Tax ID is 36-4476244.

For questions or assistance please contact us using our toll-free number, 1.888.ZAKAT.US or 708.233.0555. Monday-Friday: 9am - 6pm CST. Saturday: 9am - 1pm CST. Sunday: CLOSED.