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Located on the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen borders Saudi Arabia to the North, Oman to the East, and the Red Sea to the West. Yemen is the most impoverished and least developed country in the Middle East. Dwindling natural resources and an increasing population growth conspire to destabilize the Yemeni economy.

Rampant government corruption is a prime obstacle to growth. In 2011, as unemployment and poverty peaked, many Yemenis took to the streets in protest, which has led to sustained conflict. The government crackdowns displaced over 400,000 people. The conflict exacerbated poverty, leading to fifty percent of all children to live malnourished lives, second only to Afghanistan on the global scale. Despite the massive poverty and hunger in Yemen, Yemen is a haven for refugees from the Horn of Africa, which has only made the crisis more complex.

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Yemen Faces Humanitarian Disaster

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