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After two decades of armed conflict, Sri Lanka has witnessed modest improvement in security and relies less on humanitarian aid than in years past. The conflict’s 395,000 IDPs finally returned to their homes after years of displacement. Over 100,000 of the IDPs were identified as Muslims, the largest minority in Sri Lanka. However, there are still over 80,000 IDPS who have taken refuge in transit/welfare camps in the North and East.

Muslims face several impediments in Sri Lanka especially with social mobility and re-integration for the thousands of IDPS who remain homeless. Zakat Foundation of America has sponsored technology institutes to advance the careers of many underserved communities and build homes for those who have been flushed out of their villages.

Financial support from NGOs and the international community will continue at a smaller sum as IDPs and refugees return to their homes. Many experts predict, heightened poverty and food security will become the problem of the future for Sri Lanka while they attempt a road to recovery.

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Zakat Foundation of America

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