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The Philippines have been conflicted with armed resistance from separatist groups from regions who suffer the most poverty compared to the national average. Despite a peace agreement signed in 1996, there have been outbreaks of conflict in 2003, 2008, and 2009. Education, stunt growth, and food insecurity were defining reasons that gave rise to conflict in the Philippines.

The Philippines are known as a disaster prone country, experiencing 20 typhoons yearly. A quarter of the typhoons have consistently caused severe damage to infrastructure.  In October 2010, the Philippines suffered a category 5 typhoon that destroyed 30,000 homes and over $250 million in damage.

In recent years, the Philippines have been lauded for their refugee assistance programs. They are the first Asia-Pacific country to enact protection rights for refugees and stateless people. Although there are still grievances about perceived negligence of minorities in the Philippines, by many accounts, the Filipino government has made great strides to address these concerns.

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Zakat Foundation of America

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Zakat Foundation of America

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Zakat Foundation of America

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