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Poverty and its effects persist throughout Kenya, where worsening food security and outbreaks of disease such as cholera and malaria plague the country. The poor, both urban and rural, struggle without adequate access to water, sanitation, health care and education. These factors, along with a widening income gap, have shut out many Kenyans from stable living conditions.

As conflicts in the region continue, Kenya has become home to an influx of refugees, primarily from neighboring Somalia. The country is hosting over 600,000 Somali refugees and asylum-seekers, including women and children who are often victims of exploitation. Life for refugees in Kenya worsens as tension with Somali group grows, especially in refugee camps near the border. Resources for refugees are limited to good and services provided by UN agencies and the Kenyan government, which has been strained due to the influx of refugees arriving.  Millions still suffer from malnutrition, diseases, poverty, and insecurity across borders.

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Zakat Foundation of America

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Zakat Foundation of America

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Zakat Foundation of America

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Zakat Foundation of America

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Zakat Foundation of America

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