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Although one of the more developed countries in West Africa and rich in natural resources, Ghana is still dependent on economic assistance to meet the needs of its poor. There is a wide disparity in income between those people who live in the Northern drought-prone areas when compared to Ghanaians of the Southern region.

In October 2011, 18,000 Ivorians fled Cot D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) amid political unrest. These refugees have not be repatriated and still live in UNHCR refugee camps. These refugees have not been permitted to integrate into Ghana as their status is ambiguous.

Zakat Foundation of America’s (ZF) office in Ghana tends to the needs of the Muslim minority, Ghanaians, at large, and the Ivory Coast refugees.

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Zakat Foundation of America

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Zakat Foundation of America

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Zakat Foundation of America

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