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In the fall of 2010, the Ethiopian government made a concerted effort to strengthen agricultural development to eradicate starvation—an issue that has riddled Ethiopia for decades. There has been significant domestic growth since they unveiled their five year Growth and Transformation plan. Although the country outlook seems promising, a majority of the population still suffer malnutrition, inadequate access to clean water, healthcare or education.  According to a consortium of UN affiliated agencies,  the most critical issue Ethiopia faces is poor sanitation and malnutrition. As is the case in many Sub-Saharan countries, the mortality rate is high as a result of treatable diseases. 

Despite massive food insecurity, Ethiopia has served as a refuge for over 200,000 refugees and asylum seekers from neighboring Somalia, Eritrea, and Sudan.


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Zakat Foundation of America

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Zakat Foundation of America

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Zakat Foundation of America

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