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From 1992 through 1995, Serbian nationalist troops led ethnic cleansing operations in many parts of Bosnia (now called Bosnia-Herzegovina). The war resulted in over 250,000 casualties and more than 2 million individuals displaced.

The strategic killing of Bosnian Muslim men left tens of thousands of families without husbands and fathers. This greatly affects the poverty that has persisted for over a decade after the war, transforming Bosnia-Herzegovina from a medium-income country into a poverty stricken country.

Through ethnic cleansing much of the basic infrastructure was destroyed or severely damaged, and has yet to be fixed. This has compromised the availability of basic necessities such as clean drinking water and proper sanitation.

By 2012, close to 20 percent of the population in Bosnia was living below the poverty line. Although poverty is a widespread crisis in all of Bosnia, it is most severe in rural areas where many people support themselves and their families through subsistence farming.

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