Zakat Foundation of America

2013 Ramadan

This Ramadan, Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) will continue to work diligently to provide hope and comfort in Syria, Bangladesh, the Horn of Africa, the U.S.A. and more than 30 other countries.

Zakat Foundation of America


The crisis in Syria has left 6.8 people, mainly women, children and elderly, in need of assistance. ZF has spent more than $8 million on free medical care, mobile homes and food packages for internally displace people (IDP) in Syria and refugees in the region.

During Ramadan, ZF will feed Syrian refugees and IDPs from bakeries we will operate, and house them in rented homes.

  • Feeding a Syrian family for a month costs just $150.
  • Housing a family costs only $300.

For a Syrian family, it can mean the difference between fear and security, hunger and health.

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Zakat Foundation of America


In Bangladesh the difference is made by providing a way to make a living. ZF will donate rickshaws to Bangladeshi families in need of a source of livelihood. – link to new campaign. This one-time gift will yield myriad rewards as the families eat better, send their children to school, and seek medical help when they need it.

  • The cost of one economically empowering rickshaw is just $150.

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Zakat Foundation of America

The Horn of Africa

The Horn of Africa, long troubled by war, drought and starvation, is the site of many ongoing ZF projects. During Ramadan ZF will providing clothing and care packages to children in the Horn of Africa. – link to new campaign.

  • The cost for one clothing care package and the joy it gives to a child is just $50.

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Zakat Foundation of America


In the “food deserts” of U.S.A. inner cities, whole communities subsist on junk and fast food because they have no access to fresh vegetables, fruits or meat. During Ramadan ZF will provide warm meals made from fresh, healthy ingredients for residents of this country’s food deserts. – link to new campaign.

  • Your donation of $30 can feed five people the fresh, healthy food they need.

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Though we fast voluntarily, millions of people go hungry due to poverty and disasters. This Ramadan, through ZF, your charity will give them warm meals for Sa’em iftar, food packages, children’s clothing and Eid gifts.

Fidyah and Kaffarah

Ramadan fasting is an obligation for those who are able to. Those who are sick, aged, pregnant, or travelers are exempt from this obligation. Those who cannot fast are able to pay Fidyah and Kaffarah.

Please calculate your zakat and send your contributions today to help those in need. We pray that Allah (swt) will accept your worship and charity during this joyous month.

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