Zakat Foundation of America - Zakat Calculator App

Zakat Calculator App

Looking for an easy way to calculate your zakat? Tired of applications that are too complicated and time consuming? This interactive zakat calculator allows you to easily navigate the road of Islamic charity. Developed by Zakat Foundation of America, one of the leading organizations of Islamic charity in the United States, this application will give you the confidence to properly calculate and manage your zakat. The simple and clean interface of Zakat Calculator 2.5% will awe you! With this app, you will be able to calculate the amount of zakat you owe without the worry of second guessing yourself.

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With this application you will be able to calculate your zakat based upon: 

  • Cash 

  • Receivables 

  • Loans Given

  • Gold & Silver

  • Investments

  • Business related income
Zakat Foundation of America - Udhiya App

Udhiya App

From the makers of the Zakat calculator, Zakat Foundation of America is offering users a safe and easy way to perform their Udhiya/Qurbani.

This interactive app gives users the capability to select from 30 different countries to fulfill the prophetic tradition with convenience and peace of mind. Moreover, users are able to select countless combinations without the hassle of multiple transactions.

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